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Summer Sport

It's July:
Tennis at Wimbledon - and cricket here in Matlock.

A few years ago in July, the Olympics was in Britain. The flaming Olympic Torch - representing the Olympic flame stolen from the 'gods' - was in Matlock, passing our church building to reach the 'kiss point' at the bottom of Steep Turnpike. The Olympic flame 'kissed' the next torch, spreading between torch-bearers to symbolise the uninterrupted spread of the fire between countries and continents.

The flame stayed where it was expected to be - in the torches. But years ago, unexpected tongues of flame descended on to the heads of 120 people living in the middle east. That fire arrived with a mighty, rushing wind; it was the Holy Spirit of God - a gift given by the one true God to the followers of Jesus. Such a gift could never be earned or stolen. And the way that it spread! With unimaginable power and intensity that fire of God's Spirit spread - and still burns and spreads today. Those who carry it are guaranteed not a moment of fame, but a king's reward.

For the people of Matlock, the Olympic flame has been - and gone. Memorable but not life-changing. On the other hand, the inextinguishable Spirit of the living God shows the power of the one who promises to change your life - the Lord Jesus Christ. And He is worth carrying a torch for.

When the Olympic Torch came, Steep Turnpike road was closed - but God's gift remains open to everyone. To find out more, read your Bible, or come to church and hear the great news - we're holding it high, for anyone who chooses to see.

Picture: 2012 Olympic torch at Steep Turnpike, Matlock by Garth Newton

Worship Times

11am Sunday Mornings
(also 10.30am first Sundays)
6pm Sunday Evenings
(except first Sundays)

Services this Week
Sun 5th

11am: Family Service
(includes Sunday Club. Coffee afterwards)

Daniel : Dreams & Destruction
Daniel 4: 1 - 37

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Prayer in JULY

Thursday Prayer Meetings

Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12.12 7.45pm at church:
2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th July

(for weeks which are not listed, please see home groups info)

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Bible Study

JULY Home Groups:
for Bible Study, Prayer & Fellowship

Home Groups: No Home Group Bible Studies during July - on several days

Young Peoples' Bible Study

Saturdays: 4 July, 18 July at 7pm
(Bible Study is every two weeks)
Revolution Worship Event: Next event will be after summer
Social Events: TBA
Details from Andy Blower.

Emmaus Road:
Learning About the Bible

Friday 19 July, 1.30pm at church
(2nd Friday each month)
For everyone, and especially those new to the Bible

Tiptoes Bible Study Group

Mondays, 2pm
Come and ask your questions and find the answers in the Bible while your young children enjoy playing with all the toys.

Christianity Explored

On Request: Christianity Explored is a short course for anyone who would like to know more about who Jesus is and what a Christian really is.

Contact church for details of these and other activities.

Extras in JULY

Soul Survivor 2015, Stafford, July 24th – 29th

If you'd like to join the 20-or-so young people and leaders from our church who are going to Soul Survivor in Stafford this year, please let us know.

Walk-in Weekday:
Dads & Children

We used to say 'Dads & Tots',
but all your children are welcome! Dads and Toddlers

Dads and Tots (or Children) is a bloke's breakfast-time get together - with toddlers (and perhaps older children) in tow. It's great! But it only happens one Saturday per school term.

Walk-in Weekday:
Lunchtime Stroll Inn

Stroll Inn lunchtime activity at one of the friendliest of all Matlock Churches The next Stroll Inn Friday is:
3 July 2015
1 August 2015
1 September 2015
Time: 12 noon - 2.00pm

Anyone can 'Stroll Inn' to Steep Turnpike Church (in Matlock) for some friendly company on the first Friday of each month. Enjoy taking the weight off your feet, a relaxing sandwich lunch, homemade cake and and friendly chat .